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The Original 100% Biodegradable Sugarcane Straws

Shop now for eco-friendly soggy-free straws today.

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Our selection includes cocktail straws, boba straws, standard straws, and giant straws.

Environmentally Friendly Drinking Straws

sugar cane straws in glass jars

Certified Biodegradable Straw

15 Certifications Make Our Straws One of the Most Certified Straw on the Market

Cutlery Certificates Cutlery Test Reports
BPI Industrial (Active) US FDA Approved (Active)
TUV OK Compost Home (Pending) EU 10/2011 (Active)
TUV OK Compost Home Material (Active) Fluorine-Free (Pending)
TUV OK Compost Industrial (Pending) 5 Plastics Free (without PP, PE, PS, PVC, PET) (Active)
TUV OK Compost (Pending) PLA-Free (Active)
ABA Home Composting (Pending) PFAS Free (Pending)
BSI Carbon Footprint Certification (Active) SVHC Free (Active)
Dishwasher 100 Cycles Test (Active)
Straws Certificates Straws Test Reports
BPI Industrial (Active) US FDA Approved (Active)
TUV OK Compost Home (Active) EU 10/2011 (Active)
TUV OK Compost Home Material (Active) Fluorine-Free (Active)
TUV OK Compost Industrial (Active) 5 Plastics Free (without PP, PE, PS, PVC, PET) (Active)
TUV OK Compost (Active) PLA-Free (Active)
ABA Home Composting (Active) PFAS Free (Active)
BSI Carbon Footprint Certification (Active) SVHC Free (Active)
Dishwasher 100 Cycles Test (Active)

6 Custom Wrapping Colors Available!

Choose a color that matches your brand or go without paper wrappings! Available Pantone colors below are for biodegradable straw wholesale orders of 300k or more. You may select new Pantone colors if the order is greater than 600k pieces

(Note: Colors on digital screens appear slightly different than printed on paper)

Pantone 200C

Pantone 731C

Pantone 465C

Pantone 2768C

Pantone 3415C

Pantone 7443C

Other Customizations Include:

Durable & Soggy-Free Straws!

While paper straws might be cheaper, the customer is more likely to use multiple straws. Our straws will never become soggy.

sugarcane straws vs paper straws comparison
sugarcane straws vs paper straws
sugarcane straws vs paper straws last longer

The Most Eco-Friendly Straw

Our sugarcane straws are the perfect biodegradable straw for restaurants,  corporate office spaces, and home-use. 

Sugarcane (a perennial grass in the genus Saccharum) is the world’s largest crop by production quantity, with 1.9 billion tons produced in 2018. Sugarcane has immense potential as a renewable source of plant fibers (cut at the base for harvest and grown back again).

Our environmentally friendly sugarcane straws are made with 100% plant-based ingredients using real sugarcane fibers that will grow back over time. They are biodegradable, certified compostable, and reusable which makes them one of the most eco-friendly straws available to purchase to date.

'Biodegradable' means an object can be broken down by living things, while 'compostable' means it will turn into compost. All composting is biodegradation, but not all biodegradation is composting.

Yes! Our sugarcanes are OK Compost HOME certified. This means our straws will compost at lower temperatures, so they can go into the compost heap in your garden at home, hence the title "HOME" 

ok home compost certified badge

Straws Made from Plants

Sugarcane straws are made from the byproduct of the sugarcane refining process

sugarcane upcycle sustainability

Instead of throwing away or incinerating leftover sugarcane bagasse (fibers), we rescue, recycle, and transform what would have been agricultural and commercial waste into eco-friendly, compostable, biodegradable straws. This reduces environmental impact and prevents unnecessary landfill waste by employing the principles of a circular economy.

ok home compost certified badge

Certified OK Compostable Straws

OK Home Compostable Straws redefine eco-friendly sipping. Unlike regular plastic, they decompose in home composts swiftly. Made from sustainable sources, they ensure durability without the environmental cost. Enjoy a guilt-free drink, knowing you're championing a greener tomorrow. Join the movement towards a cleaner Earth. Choose OK.

Sugarcane Straw FAQs

Questions we get asked often

Our Original (V1) Sugarcane Straws are made of sugarcane fibers, known as bagasse, and binders such as polylactic acid (PLA) which we derive from sugarcane and cassava. Our Version 2 (V2) of Sugarcane Straws do NOT contain any polylactic acid (PLA). When requesting information or quotes, please note which version you desire.

Yes. Our Sugarcane Straws are certified to be 100% compostable. Please visit our Certifications page for all of our certifications and registrations with independent third parties.

Our Sugarcane Straws will not become soggy like paper straws, has a smoother texture, and will not impart any paper taste or flavor. Our Sugarcane Straws do not have any coatings and we do not use any dyes — which are common characteristics in paper straws.

Retailers have storage, packaging, and shipping requirements we must adhere to. We want you to receive a quality product that is safe and clean to use. Our packaging prevents humidity and dust from affecting the Sugarcane Straws. We are working on an alternative, eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials. If you have suggestions, please contact us and let us know!

People ❤️ Sugarcane Straws

Earth friendly straws that people actually love.

Tall enough to fit a Yeti tumbler

Love these straws! they're tall enough to fit into a 30oz yeti tumbler. my girlfriend cuts them in half for her mugs, so they're great for short cups too. these straws work on every large size cup from any fast food place, which is great for California since plastic straws are no longer given unless you ask for them. these sugarcane straws are biodegradable, but don't become soggy in water even after a week (you should probably swap them out after a few days)
Donald J Tran
Verified Purchase

Holding up great!

These straws are holding up much better than I expected. I had these horrible cardboard straws in restaurants and hated them but wanted to go green when using straws at home. With these sugarcane straws I can have a good straw and be environmentally friendly - win win!
Becky Bloomwood
Verified Purchase

Great eco friendly straws that don't get soggy!!

I know how bad plastic straws are for the environment I wanted to try paper again. These hold up well as an affordable alternative to other "eco" straws... I especially like how they don't get all soggy and gross after 5 minutes.
Verified Purchase

My new perfect straw!

I've been trying to find a decent compostable straw for the past year. This sugarcane straw is by far the best! To start-it holds up- this is a big deal as soggy straws are gross. No more paper straws for me.The clear compostable straws hold up well but are plastic looking so when I put them in the compost bin I'm not sure they are processed( by the city) as they are not marked compostable. Plus if I throw the clear straws out they will break down after years in a land fill. I don't want any straws that I've used to stay longer on the earth then me! This sugarcane straws look different. They will never be mistaken for a plastic straw. They are sturdy. I've never had one break down in my shake. They are easy to drink a thick shake without being huge. I was unable to drink my shake with the regular size paper or clear straws. The clear straws sells bigger shake straws but they're so big I feel like a little kid drinking through them. So to sum up this review-the sugarcane straws are just right!
Penelope JF
Verified Purchase

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