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Tall enough to fit a Yeti tumbler

Love these straws! they're tall enough to fit into a 30oz yeti tumbler. my girlfriend cuts them in half for her mugs, so they're great for short cups too. these straws work on every large size cup from any fast food place, which is great for California since plastic straws are no longer given unless you ask for them. these sugarcane straws are biodegradable, but don't become soggy in water even after a week (you should probably swap them out after a few days)
Donald J Tran
Verified Purchase

Holding up great!

These straws are holding up much better than I expected. I had these horrible cardboard straws in restaurants and hated them but wanted to go green when using straws at home. With these sugarcane straws I can have a good straw and be environmentally friendly - win win!
Becky Bloomwood
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Great eco friendly straws that don't get soggy!!

I know how bad plastic straws are for the environment I wanted to try paper again. These hold up well as an affordable alternative to other "eco" straws... I especially like how they don't get all soggy and gross after 5 minutes.
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My new perfect straw!

I've been trying to find a decent compostable straw for the past year. This sugarcane straw is by far the best! To start, it holds up- this is a big deal as soggy straws are gross. No more paper straws for me. The clear compostable straws hold up well but are plastic looking so when I put them in the compost bin I'm not sure they are processed( by the city) as they are not marked compostable. Plus if I throw the clear straws out they will break down after years in a landfill. I don't want any straws that I've used to stay longer on the earth than me! This sugarcane straws look different. They will never be mistaken for a plastic straw. They are sturdy. I've never had one break down in my shake. They are easy to drink a thick shake without being huge. I was unable to drink my shake with the regular size paper or clear straws. The clear straws sells bigger shake straws but they're so big I feel like a little kid drinking through them. So to sum up this review-the sugarcane straws are just right!
Penelope JF
Verified Purchase

Love the fact they don’t get soggy!

Plastic straws are so bad for the environment that they’re not even an option anymore. I’m glad there’s a cleaner option and we’re in luck since they work just as well.
Maysam A
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I LOVE IT!!! A must buyyyy

Very durable and an amazing environmentally friendly alternative to plastic straws. Also doesn’t disintegrate like cardboard straws. 💖
Amazon Customer
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BPA free disposable straws that are convenient for on the go

My wife is pregnant and I have a 20-month-old, so I was looking for BPA-free straws. Got a few reusable ones which are good, but a hassle to clean. Then I came across these non-plastic BPA-free disposable ones. So far they have been great. I hope they make these in different sizes in the future because I'd definitely buy thicker boba-sized straws too.
A. Kohara
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Highly recommend!

Very durable, doesn’t fall apart or get floppy like paper straws. Great eco friendly straws!
Jen M
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Excellent product!

If you’re looking for a product that is not made with plastic but is much better than other paper straws this is the one.
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These were fantastic and they look so pretty on cocktails
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Doesnt stick to lips!

Best compostable straw! Does not stick to your lips and can be reused when washed a few times
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