[NEW] Home Compostable Sugarcane Straws (200 Count)


▸ 200 per Box
▸ Flat Cut
▸ Paper wrapped
▸ 6mm (0.23 in) x 210mm (8.25 in)
▸ 100% Home Compostable ok home compost certified badge
▸ No PLA, Free of BPA


  • Best for cold liquids, juices, and sodas
  • Straws per box: 200
  • Diameter: 6mm (0.23 inches)
  • Length: 210mm (8.26 inches)
  • Cut: Flat/Normal
  • Individually Paper Wrapped
  • Box has cut-out and perforation for easy dispensing once removed.
  • Interested in bulk quantities, wholesale, or custom requirements? Contact us!
  • No PLA, Free of BPA
  • FREE shipping in the contiguous US


  • 200 Straws: Each box contains 200 of our certified PLA-free Sugarcane Straws. They are perfect for sodas/liquids, juices, chunky smoothies, thick protein shakes, and more! They’ll even fit in tumblers and ramblers!
  • OK Home Compostable Certified: We transformed leftover sugarcane fibers into an ideal substitute for plastic straws making our v2 straws PLA-free and certified by TÜV OK Home Compost for compostability for biodegradable materials,
    ok home compost certified badge
  • Safe, Non-Toxic: Our biodegradable drinking straws contain zero plastics, no harmful dyes, no petroleum, no bleach, no heavy metals, and no BPA. We only use 100% plant-derived ingredients which are safe for you, your family, and the environment! Our sugarcane straws have been tested by SGS/FDA for safety in food/beverages and PIDC for no plastics (5P)
  • Durable & Reusable: Our eco-friendly straws won’t disintegrate or impart odd flavors like paper straws. They are designed to be compostable, durable, and reusable if properly cleaned and stored.
  • Better than paper: These plant fiber straws will not become soggy like paper straws, has a smoother texture, and will not impart any paper taste or flavor. Our Sugarcane Straws do not impart a metallic taste when drinking, are safer to use for those that need soft straws, and our straws do not stay cold when drinking iced drinks.
  • Interested in bulk quantities, wholesale, or custom requirements? Contact us!



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