Biodegradable Straws Wholesale Inquiry

Minimum order quantity for wholesale pricing or customized specifications is 300,000 straws.

We'll get back to you in 2 business days.

Certified Biodegradable by BPI

All our products have been certified by Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). Compostable, no chemicals added. Other certifications include FDA-Approval, EU No.10/2011, and more!

6 Custom Wrapping Colors Available!

Choose a color that matches your brand or go without paper wrappings! Available Pantone colors below are for biodegradable straw wholesale orders of 300k or more. You may select new Pantone colors if the order is greater than 600k pieces

(Note: Colors on digital screens appear slightly different than printed on paper)

Pantone 200C

Pantone 731C

Pantone 465C

Pantone 2768C

Pantone 3415C

Pantone 7443C

Other Customizations Include:

"Eco" Doesn't Mean Terrible

It's time to love doing the right thing

sugarcane straws vs paper straws comparison

Sugarcane Straws Withstands Ice Drinks🧊

Paper StrawsJust Break

Sugarcane Straws Withstands Hot Beverages🔥

Paper Straws Just Break

sugarcane straws vs paper straws
sugarcane straws vs paper straws last longer

Sugarcane Straws Lasts a Long Time in Liquids

Paper Straws Do Not

People ❤️ Sugarcane Straws

Who knew being sustainable wasn't so annoying?

Tall enough to fit a Yeti tumbler

Love these straws! they're tall enough to fit into a 30oz yeti tumbler. my girlfriend cuts them in half for her mugs, so they're great for short cups too. these straws work on every large size cup from any fast food place, which is great for California since plastic straws are no longer given unless you ask for them. these sugarcane straws are biodegradable, but don't become soggy in water even after a week (you should probably swap them out after a few days)
Donald J Tran
Verified Purchase

Holding up great!

These straws are holding up much better than I expected. I had these horrible cardboard straws in restaurants and hated them but wanted to go green when using straws at home. With these sugarcane straws I can have a good straw and be environmentally friendly - win win!
Becky Bloomwood
Verified Purchase

Great eco friendly straws that don't get soggy!!

I know how bad plastic straws are for the environment I wanted to try paper again. These hold up well as an affordable alternative to other "eco" straws... I especially like how they don't get all soggy and gross after 5 minutes.
Verified Purchase
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